no. 15: Quirky Awesomeness

I was struggling with what to write this blog about. I would have these big ideas that wouldn’t go anywhere. I kept coming back to how the last two months have changed me. The overwhelming feeling that I have finally found a place. A community of likeminded and caring individuals who want to make the world better.I love it, but that is not what I choose to write about.

Nope! I want to talk about Wheat Ridge’s quirky awesomeness. These are things we love that others outside of our community might give us the side eye for. Perhaps while reading this, you have conjured examples of Wheat Ridge’s peculiar idiosyncrasies.

Mine are as follows:

Did you know 44th Ave from Kipling to Sheridan has 4 car washes. I know because I counted them one day and came home to declare the awesomeness of it. No one in Wheat Ridge should have a dirty vehicle, ever!

We have so many awesome breakfast cafes and pizza joints. I gained weight trying them all the first year I was in Wheat Ridge.

We have the best dive bars, hands down! I know, because I have been to all of them. Don’t judge me!

Chickens, turkeys, goats and llamas... oh my. Or maybe those are alpacas.

Two Dairy Queens. What!?!?

The 1880’s high wheel bicycle dude on Clear Creek trail.

Last, but not least and maybe not even awesome: The BOOMS!

These are just some of my favorites. What are yours?

In all seriousness, I really love the uniqueness of Wheat Ridge. When I drive our streets and walk our neighborhoods, I see beauty in that. I cherish the differences in our landscape.

I want to know what quirky awesome thing you love about Wheat Ridge. Let’s hear them.

Author: Sunny Garcia, 2018 Wheatie

Sunny is a mom, part time student and part time worker. Her 11 year old son, Gage, attends Havern School in Littleton. This also means she is an unpaid chauffeur. Sunny is working on a B.A. in Business at Red Rocks Community College. She has worked for Darden restaurants since 2001. Sunny’s many passions include traveling, music, baking, reading and anything outdoors. She moved to Wheat Ridge in 2014 and has really felt at home in her community, prompting her to want to become more involved.

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