no. 14: Home, Garden & Community

Labrador Farms, a love story of home, garden and community

Labrador Farms

My home, my boys

Garden, compost, saving, sorting, preserving

Community, lessons, teaching and learning

Online community

oohs and aahs for shared success

Pictures of first buds, first harvest, tooo many tomatoes

Any idea what this is?

Collecting fall leaves and meeting neighbors

Pots of mint and basil, keep the bugs away

Sunset meals, back deck, front porch

Compost bins creating black gold

Never done, beds never really put to bed

Asking for and getting advice

Seed swaps, grange and Four Seasons

Community little library?

Little produce swap!

Stashing zucchini on neighbors porches

Summer flower bouquet

Summer fresh herb bouquet

A gentleman’s agreement

To actually enjoy pulling weeds

I’ll never admit it

Weaving garlic stems, create a garland

Ristras that look bad but taste great

Paw prints in the prepared soil

The plink of lids from the water bath

Birds squealing to get out of their yard

The Harvest committee! What will we plan this year?

How much more local I ask you?

Pop of red, orange, yellow in a bed of green

Winter nights with seed catalogs and spreadsheets

Finding empty jars on your porch, ready to be filled

Steam from the compost in the dead of winter

Who knew Labradors love tomatoes?

Grilling year round

New love, the tomatillo flower

Canning fresh salsa, stewed tomatoes

Teaching but never an expert

Learning, trying, experimenting

Wheelbarrows for moving and mixing

Skin dirty and sunburned

Labrador chasing the sprinkler

Harvesting rain, no longer on the down low

Last year’s Christmas tree becomes the mulch or the fire

Sharing starts… tomatoes, peppers, Brussels

Penstemons that buzz with happy bees

The preventative Ladybug release, for the love of ladybugs

Seed packs as gifts, wrapped in a bow

That tomato pie!

Can you say two fire pits? Three?

The promise of the next season

A gateway drug

Volunteer plants, not unwanted, that produce beyond wildest dreams

Forcing the impatient to wait

Harvest food and flowers

Harvest hard work

Harvest sun and water

Harvest community.

Author: Kathleen Martell, 2015 Wheatie, 2016 Mentor, 2018 Advisor

Kathleen is a Wheat Ridge enthusiast! She is always looking for opportunities to spread some #WheatiesLove. As a '15 Wheaties Academy graduate, Kathleen returned as a '16 Mentor and is excited to be an '18 Advisor. She and Nat are co-ringleaders of Labrador Farms where their garden keeps them busy and Felix the Labrador keeps them entertained.

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