no. 07: We Begin By Asking Questions

The Wheaties academy group is in the very early stages of developing ideas, identifying potential partners and stakeholders, looking at greater possibilities that may exist in our community. This week, we broke into 4 smaller groups and looked at previously identified 'problem', or under-utilized areas that we chose and addressed hypothetical solutions. Furthermore, we discussed what may be possible without the limitation of 'constraints'.

As we begin to contemplate potential projects and look at problems that we could address in our projects, let’s not get lost in a diagnosis that is really psychosomatic and just jump in, with saw in hand to fix what isn't broken or won't have lasting value. Rather, I suggest we think not "what" but "Who" should be the beneficiaries of our efforts.

As we are learning at our Wheaties Academy group, Community leadership begins with each of us, and it is imperative that we define our opportunities for success and that we can clearly define the scope and scale for reaching success. This is best accomplished by our vision, our messaging, and the resources available to us.

Let’s begin with the end in mind and begin by asking questions, being inquisitive, innovative and addressing 'why' before leaping to Go!

Mary DeAguero graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from New Mexico State University. In her 25 years with the US Forest Service, Mary has served in leadership roles as an Engineer, District Engineer, Deputy District Ranger, District Ranger and as a District Manager for the BLM in Twin Falls, Idaho. Mary has a diverse background in land management and public service, including experience in Recreation, Range, Timber, Wilderness, Fire suppression, Fuels and Natural Resource management. She has held supervisory roles for the past 20 years and has managed a diverse group of employees in numerous Forests, and Regions.

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