no. 04: 35 Stoic People & A Fair Cup of Joe

I attended Saturday morning’s “Talk to your Councilmen” session at Davies Chuck Wagon (and I never knew this Chuck Wagon existed. I only knew of the one on Colfax, even though I had driven by it countless times). Anyway, the room was filled with about 35 stoic people and a couple of kiddos. Most attendees were, as I expected, Seniors.

There was a lively discussion, mostly complaints, about the development at 38th and Wads and I couldn’t help myself so I announced the fact that I thought it was good the city council had worked to bring in a new development and while I also had wished for a better anchor store, I also have the option of not shopping at the anticipated new Wally World food store and I have several other good options. No one said much after my comment, so I wasn’t sure if they agreed, disagreed or there was nothing more to say on the topic. But councilman Fitzgerald did add the discussion on the TIF will continue. Deep down I’d rather not see a corporation like Wally World get tax incentives, but it may be good if it benefits the developer or other smaller storeowners.

There were additional comments on those “stupid” planters on 38th…. Enough already, but, we are entitled to our opinions I suppose. Councilman Fitzgerald did point out that the community voted down the planned changes during the last election. Again, there was a pause, and the subject changed. The conversation took a turn for the better when Councilman Pond made a point about being a nation of laws and everyone deserves equal treatment. This was in response to use of the Rec Center by a religious group. In my mind, if they are renting it for meeting space as it is intended, their money is just as green as anyone else’s, so why not.

The meeting comprised of a lot of questions with regard to the dislike of one thing or another, from unfinished sidewalks, unpainted bike lanes, to tattoo parlors, and lack of school attendance in Wheat Ridge, but there was little in the way of anyone bringing solutions to the table along with their point of view. Although there were several “We’re working on that” type of comments by our councilmen and to give credit where credit is due, they do work to address issues from the community. I also listened closely for innovative ideas. There was none. I hoped to hear one good “atta-boy”, thankfully, there was one (bringing development to 38th and Wads by another attendee other than myself).

After 90 minutes, and a fair cup of coffee, I just had to leave. I figured at least the stack of paperwork that awaited me wouldn’t be disgruntled. Sunshine here I come…

Joe DeAguero is a dedicated professional working with people to achieve financial independence utilizing a sound financial strategy. Joe has been a resident of Wheat Ridge since 2012 where he lives with his wife Mary and daughter Karen. A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Joe earned his Bachelor of Science degree from New Mexico State University and Master of Business Administration degree from Marylhurst University.

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